Did you know that normalizing portion sizes could reduce your calorie intake by almost 1/3 or 527 calories per day?! That means that you can eat what you want but still lose weight by paying attention to food portion sizes. This doesn’t mean, of course, that a majority of your calories can come from unhealthy fast foods. 

If you aren’t sure of the difference between serving size vs portion size, then you are not alone. Many tend to use these terms interchangeably but they don’t refer to the same thing. Keep reading to find out more. 

Serving Size

When you buy a family-sized package of chips from the grocery store, you might notice that the serving size, which is a standardized portion, says one serving is 1 ounce or 18 chips. This is the recommended amount of chips you should be eating in one sitting.

Portion Size

Serving Size vs Portion Size

Food portion size is the amount of food you end up eating. That is portion size is specific to you and how much you eat.

For example, you might see that the serving size for a package of chips is 18 chips, but because you are watching a movie and are distracted, you end up consuming the entire packet in one sitting. That is, you consumed several serving sizes in one sitting, and that becomes your portion size for this one instance. 

On another night, you might open a packet of chips, but only eat 18 chips because you are already full, and that is your portion size for that instance. As you can see both are quite different, as they are specific to you. 

Learn to Read Food Labels

The main idea here is that firstly you need to start reading food labels and the nutrition facts that are listed on labels, so you know what kind of nutrients your food has and how much of it to eat, so you don’t overeat. 

If possible, try to move the food item from the package to a bowl or a plate, so you see exactly how much you are consuming and you can choose your portion size.

Finally, follow your body’s guidelines rather than food labels. If you feel full after half a serving size, it’s okay to stop eating then, and if you are still hungry after eating two servings, it’s okay to keep eating until you feel satisfied.

Your body is your best barometer for how much to eat, so pay attention to its signs and signals. 

Serving Size vs Portion Size – Now You Know the Difference

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to eating healthy and losing weight. Now that you know the difference between serving size vs portion size, you can gauge correctly by reading food labels how much of each food to consume. 

If you aren’t sure how to discern portion size in cooked meals, then perhaps pre-made meals are the better option for you. With these healthy pre-made meals, you know exactly how many calories, and how much of each nutrient you are getting every time. 

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