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#1 Chicken Taco Bowl (LC)

Taco seasoned chicken on a bed of Green Leaf lettuce w/ Cherry tomatoes & Cheddar cheese, served w/ Skinny Ranch.

(Pro:31g, Carb:1g, Fat:10g, Cal:216)

Skinny Ranch

(Pro:0g, Carb:9g, Fat:0g, Cal:35)

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#2 Beef Taco Bowl (LC)

Taco seasoned Ground beef on a bed of Green Leaf lettuce w/ Cherry tomatoes and Cheddar cheese. Served w/ Chipotle Ranch dressing.

(Pro:28g, Carb:1g, Fat:23g, Cal:321)

Chipotle Ranch dressing

(Pro:0g, Carb:9g, Fat:0g, Cal:35)

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#3 Hibachi Chicken (LC)

Grilled chicken served w/ Mixed Veggies and drizzled w/ Teriyaki Sauce.

(Pro:28g, Carb:16g, Fat:4g, Cal:208)

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#4 Roasted Chicken And Potatoes (LC)

Sliced chicken, Mashed potatoes and Sauteed Green Beans.

(Pro:29g, Carb:19g, Fat:10g, Cal:256)

Fit Five team favorite!!! Only 19g, of Carbohydrates and Yummy Mashed potatoes!!

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#5 Hibachi Steak Plate

Teriyaki Steak on a bed of Rice and served w/ Mixed Veggies.

(Pro:33g, Carb:48g, Fat:7g, Cal:362)

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#6 All American Burger

Turkey burger on an Open Faced Whole Wheat bun, topped w/ Cheddar cheese & served w/ Sweet potato Fries and a side of Mustard.

(Pro:33g, Carb:37g, Fat:19g, Cal:451)

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#7 Breakfast Bowl

All New!!! Scrambled eggs, served w/ Baby Baker potatoes and Chicken sausage w/ a side of Salsa.

(Pro:27g, Carb:20g, Fat:34g, Cal:493)

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#8 Skinny Spaghetti

Whole Wheat pasta, Ground beef, and Marinara. Topped w/ Parmesan cheese.

(Pro:33g, Carb:60g, Fat:17g, Cal:525, Fiber:3g)

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#9 Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Whole Wheat wrap filled with Chicken, Bacon and Mixed cheese. Served w/ a Skinny Ranch on the side.

(Pro:43g, Carb:24g, Fat:26g, Cal:498, Fiber:3g)

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#10 Club Wrap

Whole Wheat wrap filled w/ Oven Roasted turkey breast, Sliced Cheddar cheese & lettuce. Served w/ a side of Cherry Tomatoes and Honey Mustard.

(Pro:31g, Carb:23g, Fat:16g, Cal:359, Fiber:4g)

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#11 Buffalo Steak Quesadilla

Whole Wheat wrap filled w/ Steak & Mixed cheese and served w/ a side of Buffalo sauce.

(Pro:38g, Carb:22g, Fat:17g, Cal:400, Fiber:4g)

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#12 Skinny Ranch Pizza

Skinny crust layered w/ Marinara & Mixed cheese & topped w/ Chopped ham, Turkey sausage, and Bacon Bits. Served w/ a side of Skinny Ranch.

(Pro:36g, Carb:43g, Fat:24g, Cal:525)

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#13 Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Sweet potato Fries piled high w/ Pulled chicken & cheese. Served w/ Buffalo sauce and Skinny Ranch.

(Pro:36g, Carb:27g, Fat:21g, Cal:441)

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#14 Steak Fried Rice (LC)

Sliced steak on a bed of Cauliflower "Fried" rice, peas & carrots w/ Braggs Liquid Aminos drizzled on top.

(Pro:23g, Carb:11g, Fat:4g, Cal:154)

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#15 Sweet Heat Pasta

Whole Wheat pasta, tossed in our sweet and spicy sauce, topped w/ chicken and Parmesan cheese.

(Pro:43g, Carb:53g, fat:20g, Cal:564)

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#16 Mongolian Beef

Asian inspired dish w/ thinly Sliced Steak in a sweet and savory sauce. Served w/ rice and broccoli.

(Pro:27g, Carb:54g, Fat:10g, Cal:414)

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Bulk Item: 8 oz. Chicken Salad (LC)

Our famous Chicken Salad in bulk!

Serving size: 4 oz

( Pro:19g, Carb:8g, Fat:15g, Cal:243)

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Oreo Five Bites

Serving Size: 1 Bite

(Pro:3g, Carb:7g, Fat:3g, Cal:66, Fiber 1g, Sugar 2g)

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Brownie Five Bites

Serving size: 1 Bite

(Pro:1g, Carb:14g, Fat:5g, Cal:105)

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"Love Fit Five meals! I love to be able to grab a few each week so that takes some of the pressure off me to meal prep. I love that macros are available so I can stay on track, and that all of the food is flavorful yet simple, so semi-picky eaters like me aren't constantly having to dig around what we don't like. Highly recommend!"

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Carmen Reyes Wormely

"These are awesome! I even love to cook and I find Fit Five just works better with my life. No cooking - no cleaning - no calculating calories! Also, fit five sauce is addicting! I love the feta wrap, teriyaki meals, southwest bowls and of course the fit chicken plate. The menu changes frequently and it's cheaper, healthier and easier than meal prepping. Yum!"

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