They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they’re not wrong. You might not be a “breakfast person,” but considering how many health benefits there are to eating a good breakfast, perhaps you need to become one! Here are just a few of the ways a good breakfast can have a positive impact on your personal fitness.

Breakfast can Prevent Snacking

If you only have a bagel and a cup of coffee for breakfast, you’re likely to be hungry by 10 o’clock and need a snack to make it to lunch. On the other hand, having a well-rounded breakfast consisting of a protein, a complex carb, fat, and fiber will help you feel full longer and prevent snacking throughout the day.

Breakfast can Give you Long-lasting Energy

Sugary cereals, pop tarts, and pastries might be tempting in the morning, but none of these foods really gives you any lasting energy. They spark your blood sugar, only to send it crashing later. This can cause you to reach for more coffee or another sugar-filled snack later.

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Here’s a good way to think of it: if you need to fill your car with gas, you don’t put cheap gas in, right? You fill it up with good fuel so that it runs well. Well it’s the same way with your body. Instead of eating things that spike and crash your energy, you should start your day with foods that sustain and energize you consistently all day long. Need some inspiration? Here are some well-rounded, easy breakfast ideas, courtesy of Eat This, Not That that can provide you with lasting energy:

  • Option #1: Greek yogurt with granola and frozen berries
  • Option #2: Packet of plain instant oatmeal with peanut butter
  • Option #3: Plant-based protein shake with a tablespoon of almond butter, ice, water, a banana, acai berries, and pumpkin seeds
  • Option #4: Eggs with sautéed sweet potato
  • Option #5: FitFive’s overnight s’mores oats

Breakfast can Help You Lose Weight

Because it curbs snacking and gives you long-lasting energy, breakfast can help you lose weight with little to no extra effort! When you fill your body at the start of your day with a healthy, filling meal, you kickstart your metabolism. Writer and fitness advocate Brynne Chandler explains it well:

“Breakfast, like any other meal, is needed to fuel your body. After sleeping all night, your metabolism has slowed down, which means you’re not burning many calories. Skipping breakfast means you’re starting your day at a slower pace, physically. Once your metabolism wakes up, you may find yourself too hungry to make wise choices for lunch. Starting to eat later in the day can also mean that your body won’t have enough time before you go to bed again to absorb the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Feeding your body in the morning can jump-start your metabolism, which helps you burn calories more efficiently during the day. It also gives you a head start on taking in the nutrients you need and may help you make smarter food choices at lunch and dinner, because you won’t be too hungry to think straight.”

If you haven’t been eating breakfast, now is the time to start! Slowly ease into a new rhythm, such as eating breakfast every other day, or add an element to your morning meal that will give it a bit of a boost, like protein or healthy fat. As always, let us know how WE can help you transform your breakfast routine so you can better your health.