If you’re looking to build muscle or gain mass, you’ve got to keep tabs on your nutrition. Spending hours in the gym can be easily undone when you saddle up to the table to eat. Physical activity paired with the right type of nutrition can make all the difference is your search for gains. 

Here are six nutrition tips to help you build healthy muscle.  

1. Keep count of your calories.

Whatever your diet and nutrition goals, it helps to know how many calories you’re taking in daily. Looking to lose a little weight and lower your body fat percentage? You should be eating fewer calories than you burn. Want to bulk up and add mass? Eat more calories than you burn. Playing with a caloric deficit or overabundance can help you reach your personal muscle-building or weight-loss goals. 

2. Eat breakfast.

If you are looking to add muscle mass, don’t skip out on breakfast. Eating a hearty meal first thing in the morning makes it easier to meet your calorie intake goals for the day and provides a ready source of energy for your workouts. If you want to double down on the benefits of your first meal of the day, make sure you are eating protein-packed foods to aid with muscle growth. 

3. Don’t forget to snack.

This tip points back to keeping up with your calories. Having a healthy snack throughout the day staves off hunger and keeps you fueled for your next workout. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks are easy to carry with you. 

4. Use smart supplements.

For those looking to really up their nutrition, supplements can play an important part. Creatine, protein powder, amino acids, and a solid multivitamin can help aid recovery and boost performance when paired with a balanced diet. 

5. Eat whole foods.

Overly-processed foods will kill any of your diet and nutrition goals. Junk food is extra egregious when trying to build muscle and operate at peak performance. Opt for whole foods instead. 

6. Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can make a good meal plan and turn it into a great meal plan. Water aids recovery, replaces water lost through sweat, and can even blunt the feelings of hunger. Staying well hydrated keeps your body operating at optimal efficiency, which is exactly what you need for those workouts when you want to add muscle. 

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