coffee diet

Among Americans, the average coffee drinker consumes three cups of coffee every day. It’s obvious that those three cups provide a boost of energy, but what is often overlooked are the other side effects of caffeine consumption. It is possible to drink too much, and doing so can have negative repercussions on your overall health. 

Here are three signs you’re drinking too much coffee: 

1. You Feel Anxious. 

The National Institute of Mental Health actually suggests that those who suffer from regular feelings or anxiety or stress avoid caffeine. If you have feelings of anxiety, coffee can actually make it worse. It might seem like another cup will help you have the energy or power of will to complete the next task on your to-do list, but the fact of the matter is that too much caffeine can lead to feelings of overwhelming stress that might keep you from performing at your best. Higher blood pressure and increased cortisol levels have both been connected with too much caffeine before a task. 

2. You Can’t Sleep. 

If you’re experiencing insomnia, coffee might be to blame–at least in part. The caffeine stays active in your body for up to five hours. That means that drinking it late in the afternoon can definitely affect your sleep cycle. The caffeine in your system can keep you from falling asleep or cause you to wake up multiple times throughout the night. How can you avoid this? Try cutting off caffeine intake at noon. That will give your body time to process your last cup of coffee before you lay down for the evening. 


3. Your Stomach Hurts. 

If you’re experiencing digestive issues or battling heartburn and indigestion, this could be the culprit. Certain compounds in coffee stimulate the secretion of stomach acid. An imbalance in stomach acid can lead to stomach pain or heartburn. You can neutralize acid issues in the short-term with an antiacid, but popping Tums won’t solve the issue. If you think coffee might be to blame, try cutting back on your coffee consumption or substituting a cup or two for tea, which is lower in these acid-causing compounds. 

There’s no single boogie-man when it comes to diet and nutrition. Coffee can’t be blamed for all your digestive issues. Part of maintaining health is maintaining a healthy diet. Fit Five Meals makes eating healthy easier and approachable by offering fresh, premade meals for you to order. 

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